About Oscar Herrera

Who is Oscar Herrera

Oscar Herrera is running as the Libertarian candidate to represent the 96th district in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Political Experience

Oscar Herrera has had an interest in politics since he was a teen. He first volunteered for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign in 2012 as a phone banker and putting together literature to mail. In 2016, he joined the Libertarian Party and helped with the Gary Johnson campaign as social media coordinator for the state of Ohio. During his time as social media coordinator, he aided in Hispanic outreach for the campaign and this caused him to found the Libertarian Hispanic Caucus in late 2017. Since its founding, he has helped on three campaigns as their Hispanic outreach coordinator by creating content and conducting interviews in the Spanish language.

He also gives back to the community. During high school, he would volunteer with the local organizations in various projects such as youth mentoring programs, aiding in educational forums, and food pantries. In his volunteer work, he would talk to people and learn their stories. In their stories, Oscar learned the concerns of everyday people.

His Vision

Oscar hopes to take his experience as a political activist and an active member of his community to build a campaign that focuses on the needs of the community and to offer viable solutions to those needs.